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Wing Walls are an innovative, easy-to-install merchandising divider that allows the retailer the flexibility to change merchandising stories. They can be use on flat walls, slatwall, grid walls, plus standards. They are custom made in our own custom manufacturing facility. You no longer need a carpenter to build permanent hard sheet rock partitions. Wing walls float along the wall and are attached with hardware that adjusts left to right. If you cannot create the look you want using wing walls, call us about your specific requirements.  
Connection to slatwall which is our most common installation is simply done with a slatwall rectangular tube 4" long hangrail bracket.
Birch Boxed
Oak Crown
Library Oak
Wing Walls
Standard Wingwall not including molding is 4" thick, 14" deep and 96" tall.
Birch Boxed
Oak Crown Clear Coat
Library Oak Clear Coat